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From a humble beginning as an agent for valves from USA, EUROPE, GICOB Flow Control has morphed itself from agent to developing our own products. With strong background in engineering and experience dealing with problems we encountered during our time as an agent; we utilised these valuable lessons and venture into our own product in 2008. 


Throughout the years, our company has gone through recession, earth quake, oil prices slump, yet we grew from strength to strength, offering our valuable client with competitive solution yet ensuring our products meet their requirement.

We are committed to improving our clients' operational and financial performance by supplying the most comprehensive range of valve products in the industry through our family of trusted valve brands.

We aspire to be a trusted advisor to our clients and the acknowledged global valve manufacturing leader in terms of loyalty, growth and profitability by supplying: 

  • Measurably better valves

  • Market leading access to technical expertise

  • Unmatched customer service before and after the sale.

We embrace a corporate culturethat values every employees and client relationship equally, and we expect our employees to act with the highest integrity to build and strengthen those relationships.

SINCE 2004


GICOB Flow Control is now a leading global producer of valves, actuators, control panel, pipe fittings and pipe support systems for the oil and gas industries in the Asia Pacific & Middle east region. But most importantly for you, GICOB Flow Control is here to minimize the time spent by engineers in selecting the right gear, so you have more time to keep your projects running smoothly and effectively. Our team of engineers also provide extensive technical support and oversee the product testing programme.

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