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Proudly carrying our company name, our GICOB® range of API standard valves is stringently tested for the best in quality and delivery to our customers.


The GICOB® valve range covers a wide variety of API and BS standard valves ranging from Globe, Check, Gate, Ball to Butterfly valves. As many of today’s oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical applications require automation, our valves are proven to work along with major actuator brands like Bettis, Rotork, Paladon and Biffi.


Sustainability and Reliability is the motto in KSV. We specialized in instrument valves, ie Double block and bleed, monoflange and instrument manifold. Instead of traditional big and bulking block and bleed valves arrangement using conventional valve, our KSV range replace those valves in a miniature single all in one valve. It usually consists of a set of isolation and vent valves. Those valve components can be either needle or ball depending on the application.


Our valves are designed and tested in compliance to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.


Utilizing KSV to replace existing traditional techniques (employed by pipeline engineers to generate a double block and bleed configuration in the pipeline) means saving on natural resources and manpower during installation.


Gachman specialised in Level Gauge and Pressure gauges in the commercial and industrial sectors. All of Gachman gauges passes stringent quality control to provide our customer best quality and precise measurement.


Gachman main Level gauges range are the Conventional sight glass type and the magnetic type.


Our MG series level gauge has an ingress protection class of IP65 and option of explosion proof to Ex ia IIC T4. We also provide isolation valve and float options for top entry vessel installation.


As of Gachman Pressure Gauge, we mainly offer Bourdon Tube type, designed according to EN837-1 standard. We have several options to choose from, such as case size, material, glycerin filled, oil filled, explosion proof.

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